Agribusiness Consultancy


The Agribusiness Consulting Division of Simax Consultants Kenya specializes in the economics, financial aspects, marketing, management and research of agricultural products and services.

The goal of SCK Consultants is to provide the best business advice to its clients. This is done through research and analysis. The information can then be used in the formulation of effective business models to maintain and improve competitive strategy and overall value and profitability. Research is vital to the success of any industry. Though research can appear slow, it establishes a large degree of accuracy in decision making.

SCK agribusiness consultancy services is run by qualified personnel in the fields of botany, microbiology and ecology.

Whether it comes to mushroom production, cultivation of plants, application of bio-fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, horticulture, ornamental plants, setting up a biogas plant, setting up of vermin-composting/bio-composting projects or invitro cultivation of plants or microorganisms, SCK Consultancy Services is right here to guide you.

Agribusiness activities

Our activities include:

  1. Project Identification & Formulation
  2. Feasibility study
  3. Bankable Detailed project report
  4. Project implementation
  5. Technical monitoring
  6. Process optimization
  7. Commissioning
  8. Quality assurance programme.

We have earned lots of experience and garnered the necessary knowledge to oversee any project related to agriculture. Our advice to clients has helped them to grow their businesses faster.

Our scope of involvement includes:

  1. Market oriented food chains.
  2. Perishable cargo centres.
  3. Post harvest technology centers.
  4. Frozen Fruits and vegetables plants.
  5. Milk and milk products integrated plants.
  6. Ice cream plants.
  7. Air Conditioning projects.
  8. Poultry processing plants.
  9. Fisheries.
  10. Grain handling terminal.
  11. Cold storages.
  12. Development of market for agricultural facility.
  13. Horticulture projects.
  14. Agro-processing plants.

Our Agribusiness Division serves the needs of clients through information-driven and knowledge-based activities. We also have a unique advantage of working with the agriculture industry as consultants for projects in different sectors including horticulture.

Service Portfolio

Our organization is keen to provide the most reliable and timely solutions for Engineering and Consultancy Services. We serve a large clientele across the agro-food and cold chain industries. Clients can contact us for the following services:

  • Pre Feasibility Study Services
  • Techno Economic Feasibility Study Services
  • Project master planning services
  • Demand Assessment & Conceptual Master Planning Services
  • Infrastructure Assessment & Investment Planning Services
  • Demand Assessment & Risk Analysis Services
  • Strategic Business Development Planning Services
  • Capital Improvement Planning Services
  • Project Management Consultancy Services
  • Project Appraisal Services
  • Appropriate Site Selection Services
  • Third Party Inspection Services.

Our proficiency enables us to offer the most reliable solutions for complete design, commissioning, erection and planning services. Our customers are located in all parts of the region and as we enhance their agribusiness systems.

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